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Who says they can't feel good about it?

Offer your customers flexibility and improve your response rates with the +Collector self-serve debt collection app.

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Set Your Limits and Let Your Customers Choose a Plan That Works for Them.

The +Collector self-serve app takes the negotiation out of the debt collection process, giving your customers tools to define a repayment plan that works for them and their unique lifestyle. And integrated reward features let customers balance terms with repayment incentives.

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Turn Your Debt Collection Strategy into a Single, Self-Serve App

By integrating your negotiation strategy into a self-serve app, +Collector automates your debt recovery process, offering customers a private place to build and refine a repayment schedule that works for them—within the terms that work for you.

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Create, Send & Archive with Just a Click

Debt collection is about communication. How well you communicate with your customers is a key factor in determining how well your business performs. The +Collector integrated document management system lets you create, send, and archive customer correspondence, all with a single click.

Simplify Communications

Make Smarter Payment Arrangement Decisions

For every call, you have just a couple of minutes to understand your customer’s financial situation, capture an arrangement, and create an opportunity.

With a customer overview screen, payment arrangement calculator, and automated arrangement tracking, +Collector helps you make more informed decisions in a matter of seconds.

Make Smarter Decisions

+Collector Is Used by Financial Institutions, Businesses & Collection Agencies

Not every debt collection solution can increase productivity, automate workflows, and improve communications while respecting customers and their individual lifestyles. +Collector wasn't designed for an industry—it was designed for real people.

Increase Your Productivity

In addition to a customer overview dashboard, +Collector's integrated productivity features offer worklist filtering, automated escalation, and data-analysis so you can better understand your business.

Improve Your Collection Workflow

With +Collector's fast & seamless portfolio onboarding, risk scoring, and proven action/outcome strategy, you can streamline your workflow and experience more results.

Streamline Your Communications

With pre-delinquency text messages, email alerts, and an integrated document management system, +Collector helps you communicate more effectively and more often.

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