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One cloud-based list, accessible anywhere.

Making smart business decisions means doing the right business with the right people. +Watchlist's secure cloud-based, API-enabled solution centralizes your customer intelligence into one location, alerting your staff the moment it discovers a match.

You can deploy +Watchlist across your organization—even across branches—so your list is always available & up to date.

Get Started with +Watchlist

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Make Better Business Decisions

There are some things you want to avoid. Whether it's someone with a questionable financial past or a property with known structural, environmental, or potentially dangerous code issues, +Watchlist will help ensure you're making an informed business decision.

Make Good Decisions

Integrate with Your System

+Watchlist isn't just a collection of people, places, and businesses you want to avoid. Integrating into your existing system using a secure API, +Watchlist lets you view and attach notes to customer profiles and quickly apply custom colour-coded risk and opportunity levels.

Because not all risk is created equal.

Make a Smart Watchlist

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Eliminate Copies & Errors

Using one list means you can eliminate spreadsheets across your organization, securely manage user access, and ensure your information on every watchlisted person, place, or business is always current.

And you can finally stop looking for customers who aren’t even on your list.

Stop Searching Spreadsheets

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A Secure Way to Manage Collective Intelligence

Every institution maintains a collection of intelligence that helps them identify risk and make informed business decisions about people, places, and businesses. +Watchlist makes that intelligence a proactive element in your business workflow, automatically alerting you to known risks while ensuring that your intelligence is secure.

Define Colour-Coded Risk Levels

Define and apply colour-coded risk levels to indicate varying degrees of risk. Using the same colour-coded categorization, you can also identify people, places, and business that you wish to target for business opporuntities

Integrate with Existing Systems

Use the +Open Banking Platform and our secure API to connect +Watchlist with your existing system. The +Open Banking Platform uses the simplicity and security of OAuth 2.0—an industry standard protocol for authorization—to ensure that data is securely shared.

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