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The Future of Banking is Open

The +Open Banking Platform & its powerful API connects you with an ecosystem of financial services technology & puts your customers in control of their financial data.
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An illustration of beakers used in science, conveying the ability to mix technologies between core systems and FinTechs to create better digital banking experiences using a secure API and Open Banking.

Invent Entirely New Digital Banking Experiences

With APIs that provide secure, controlled access to creative developers, innovative startups, and imaginative FinTechs, the +Open Banking Platform is the foundation for personalized, customer-centric digital banking experiences.

Access the APIs

Develop Customer-Centric, Data-Driven Banking Experiences

Give your customers more ways to borrow, transact, invest, and save. Use the +Open Banking Platform API to let customers connect personal accounts and share their data across platforms and with apps that offer new ways of managing finances. This is customer-centric banking.

Create Better Experiences

Young woman sitting in the back of a car on a summer day, searching her smartphone--the primary technology driving banks and financial institutions to open banking and open banking technology.

Connect with Money-Management Apps

Let your customers explore new ways to manage their money. With the +Open Banking Platform, your customers can share financial data with money-management apps, giving them insight into their spending habits, investment options, savings, and more. Our API ensures the information they choose to share is shared securely.

Connect with Apps

Join the Digital Banking Ecosystem

The digital banking landscape is a fragmented mesh of complex systems from online payment solutions to crowdfunding applications. The +Open Banking Platform is designed around this evolving landscape. Integrate with legacy systems, as well as industry-leading payments, lending, investment, and finance management apps to provide your customers more personalized and unique banking experiences.

Join the Ecosystem

A Secure Platform for Sharing Personal Financial Data

Open banking puts consumers in control of their own financial data. And that makes privacy, cyber security, and consumer consent a top priority for us—making it the top priority for banks, FinTechs, and financial insitutions, too.

Consumer Privacy & Data Control

The +Open Banking Platform provides tools to ensure that personal consent can be tracked, managed, and controlled by consumers when integrating with other third-party systems and apps.

Authentication & Authorization

The +Open Banking Platform relies on the simplicity and security of OAuth 2.0—an industry standard protocol for authorization—to ensure that data is securely shared between core systems and third-party apps.

Regulatory Control & Legislative Updates

Maintaining a safe and strong financial system is at the heart of our approach to open banking. The +Open Banking Platform is designed to accomodate updates in accordance with regulations and legislative changes.

Laptop with screen showing Portfolio Plus's open banking API specifications documentation with API messages.

Access Over 200 API Messages

Using a modern, web-based RESTful API and communicating over encrypted HTTPS using JSON messages, the +Open Banking Platform utilizes modern technology designed for fast and secure communication between online systems and applications.

Lending API Samples

Lending API messages allow you to share loan & mortagage details between systems.

Sample lending API messages:

  • Loan comments
  • Loan securities
  • Loan applicant

Client Management API Samples

Client Management API messages allow you to share personal client details between systems.

Sample client API messages:

  • Client address
  • Client income
  • Client contacts

Retail API Samples

Retail API messages allow you to share retail banking account details between systems.

Sample retail API messages:

  • Retail account
  • Retail application
  • Retail account joint owner

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