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MCAN Leverages Automation and Industry Integration with Portfolio Plus Term Deposit Software

TORONTO, Ontario — December 10, 2018

Strategic Information Technology Ltd. (SIT) announced today that MCAN Mortgage Corporation (MCAN) has leveraged the latest automation features in Portfolio Plus Terms to automatically retrieve and process GIC and term deposit applications. While integrating with the industry’s leading application processing and administration network, MCAN has improved its automation within its term deposit business.

“MCAN has been using Portfolio Plus term deposit software for over ten years, but by leveraging the incredibly efficient automation features that are now available in Portfolio Plus Terms, they have automated administrative application retrieval work,” said Pat Casullo, MCAN’s Strategic Account Manager at SIT. “This is going to increase their turnaround times and speed up their processes.”

“We’re always so pleased to see our customers succeed, and this is a smart move for MCAN,” said Chris Buck, President and CEO of SIT. “MCAN has been a client of SIT for many years, and we like to see our clients leveraging features that we know are going to improve the way they do business. The automation features in Portfolio Plus Terms increases efficiencies for MCAN. It frees up resources, simplifies administration, and really streamlines this part of their business,” said Buck.

Paired with its CANNEX interface, SIT’s Portfolio Plus Terms provides banks and financial institutions with an automated, industry-proven solution for buying and selling term deposits in Canada, while connecting Canadian banks and financial institutions with industry partners and networks.

About MCAN

MCAN Mortgage Corporation is a public company listed on the TSX under the symbol MKP since 1991. Its primary objective is to generate a reliable stream of income by investing in a diversified portfolio of Canadian mortgages. For more information, please visit mcanmortgage.com.

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Strategic Information Technology connects financial institutions with customers and partners using innovative technologies. Its banking software & digital financial solutions are used by financial institutions and companies in Canada, the UK, Ireland, and the Caribbean.

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