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GICSERV Interface Software

Software interface for GIC trading automation on the Guaranteed Investment Network.

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With over 20 term deposit issuers as customers, any new technology or service that affects the management of term deposits or GICs is strategic to SIT's future. GICSERV is very important to SIT and we've demonstrated our commitment by having attended every one of the working committee meetings to date.

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SIT has been working with FundSERV on the GICSERV standards since it was first announced. The GICSERV v.1 platform was put into production on December 10, 2012 and is available for customer transaction and information processing for both nominee name and client name GIC automation, and can be interfaced to Portfolio Plus. If you would like to learn more, contact SIT.


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Term Deposit and GIC Automation

SIT is a proven leader in the term deposit and GIC automation market and has helped move the industry forward with a platform that enables some of its customers to manage over a billion dollars in term deposits with a single full time employee dedicated to deposits.

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CDIC Deposit Compliance.

SIT worked with its customers and regulators to create a Deposit Insurance Guardian product that helps customers meet the CDIC compliance standards set forth in its Fast Insurance Determination standards.

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