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What is FinTech Software?

FinTech is about taking a software-driven, radical approach to improving processes for financial services—including lending, borrowing, investing, as well as payments, retail banking, or any other part of day-to-day financial services management. A number of SIT customers employ FinTech advantages like branchless banking, the ability to raise millions of dollars’ worth of deposits with a few mouse clicks, mobile lending, and many more software-enhanced financial services.

Below you'll find a few examples of our FinTech success. If you need to dramatically improve a financial process, give us a call. FinTech is the foundation of our success. We've helped startups, banks, trust companies, and credit unions achieve and dramatically accelerate their growth with our software.

Manulife Bank's all-in-one banking.

Manulife Bank became the first virtual bank in Canada in 1993. That was a great step forward. But their real growth began with the launch of Manulife One, a product we designed with them that would appeal to those who were financially savvy and wanted to save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a mortgage. It's a true FinTech success. Using Manulife One as a competitive advantage, Manulife Bank has grown to over $20 billion in assets. Without any branches.

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General Bank.

General Bank, located in Edmonton, Alberta, is another great FinTech software story. The founders had a long history in the car financing market and saw great potential to carve out a market segment by using automobile dealerships to originate car loans electronically, through software, and then fund these loans by using deposits through the CANNEX financial network. Their FinTech software platform, supplied by SIT, manages the electronic interfaces to and from the auto dealerships and with CANNEX.

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Disruptors: HomEquity & CANNEX.

The CANNEX Financial Exchange facilitates the trading of over $40 billion in GICs in Canada per year. Half of the issuers who issue GICs through CANNEX use SIT as their GIC financial platform. CANNEX has played a major role in enabling SIT's FinTech software to support branchless banking in Canada. Our customers are able to raise billions of deposits, with minimal administration overhead. Some of our customers have as little as one administrator per billion dollars in GICs.

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“FinTech refers to new solutions which demonstrate an incremental or radical / disruptive innovation development of applications, processes, products or business models in the financial services industry. ”


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