Credit Risk Management

Credit Risk Management Software: ECM Analytics (by CreditExpo)

SIT is pleased to be working with CreditExpo to see their credit risk management software, ECM Analytics, connected to Portfolio Plus.

There is an oustanding credit risk management white paper created by CreditExpo that explains the patented approach to ECM Analytics.

CreditExpo has created credit risk management software, ECM Analytics, that originated from its designer’s early professional experience as Finance and Administration Manager of Chartered Trust Ireland where he saw, first hand, the damage caused to business and to staff morale by static and ungrounded estimations of credit risk using spreadsheets.

In 2002, he established CreditExpo to develop and to patent an alternative empirical methodology—ECM Analytics, simultaneously researching the field and completing a PhD thesis on the methodology.

Following several installations and back testing of results, ECM Analytics is currently being adopted as the new credit risk standard and expert system by Irish credit unions and other lenders, and the solution is now available internationally. For more information visit our website at


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