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Embrace growth, privacy, and security.

You’re mandated to grow, but you also must minimize risks to customer privacy and your operational platform. But it can be done. We’ve seen customers contain risk and improve their bottom line using a combination of technology and best practices. It’s important to note that most of these customers had some help from Portfolio+ Inc.’s Infrastructure Services Group.

The Infrastructure Services Group is a team of experts focused on the Portfolio Plus technology platform. They can help you with any tactical and strategic services required to support this platform. Database performance. Platform moves. Code deployment. Operational platform review. These are just a few things the Infrastructure Services Group can help you with.

Don't mull it over. Schedule it.

Your account representative can arrange to have Portfolio+ Inc.’s Infrastructure Services Group provide the technical services you need on your premises or through a remote connection, during office hours or after. Whatever works for you. In an industry where business performance is often dependent on the operational platform, you can’t afford to take shortcuts. Let Portfolio+ Inc.’s Infrastructure Services Group help you win.

Please Note: You must provide sufficient notice when arranging these services.

Sign a technical services arrangement.

A Technical Services Arrangement lets you supplement your technical staff with resources from Portfolio+ Inc. on a pre-determined periodic basis. This option works well for both of us. Portfolio+ Inc. gets predictable resource utilization and because of this, we can offer you a special rate. The biggest benefit by far, however, may be the fact that you’ll be committing to a plan that is focused on the continued strength of your operational platform.

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Commit and execute.
Choose a backup and recovery strategy.

You’ve made commitments regarding your operational platform. You’ve set an expectation that this platform can remain operational in the face of various man-made or natural disasters. Part of the strategy in withstanding those disasters is having an adequate backup and recovery plan.

Working with Portfolio+ Inc.’s Infrastructure Services Group, you can make an expert decision on which backup strategy is best for you. Portfolio+ Inc. recommends that you test your backup and restore capabilities at least twice a year.

Orchestrating an offline backup.

For most installations, an offline backup setup is recommended. This configuration allows you to back up your database while it’s not running. How does it work? On a nightly basis, the database is shut down and a backup process transforms your data into binary images that can be stored on another system or transferred to another physical location. If there ever is a disaster you can use these binary files to recreate your database.

Conducting an online backup.

If your business demands a 24/7 operation, the Infrastructure Services Group can provide you with a program that lets you back up your database while it’s still online. Online backup programs require a certain level of sophistication because records are still potentially being updated and locked by users. As such, this process may require more time to run than an offline backup. With this option, your database will never have to be offline.

Engineering an after-imaging backup.

The after-imaging backup process allows you to update your backup throughout the day at regular intervals. Once an hour. Once every fifteen minutes. It’s up to you.

Every after-imaging backup configuration is unique. Our Infrastructure Services group creates a special program to manage the movement of these after-image files. Once created, the program transfers any updated information to another system. The special program will recycle these files during the next interval, and your after-imaging process repeats itself. The after-imaging backup process accommodates a faster recovery with less chance of data loss, but it involves a higher level of administration and monitoring.

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Replicate your database(s).

Database replication is a feature that allows you to replicate your data in real time to another system. How is this different from the online backup? Database replication requires two databases running at once. Your production database and a failover database. Any change to the production database is immediately replicated to the failover database. Database replication works well only if sufficient network bandwidth is maintained. If there is a network outage, the real time replication feature may be lost. As such, database replication requires persistent monitoring to ensure data is flowing smoothly.

Backup your application code.

Portfolio+ Inc. recommends that you have a procedure to back up your application code on a regular basis. This procedure is as important as your database backup because it contains all the logic that makes your system work. The Infrastructure Services Group can help you configure your application code backup to be performed as often as your policy guidelines suggest.

This is not a drill.
Create a business continuity plan.

You are responsible to your regulators, shareholders, and customers to ensure your operational platform performs as you say it will. Portfolio+ Inc. can help you keep that promise. We encourage all of our customers to test their backup and recovery procedures at least twice a year, as part of their overall business continuity plan. The Infrastructure Services Group is available to support your efforts.

Enhance performance
with a solid plan and partnership.

Portfolio+ Inc. succeeds when you succeed. It’s that simple. It’s our business model, too. You want a strong and resilient platform to perform your operations. So do we. One way to make that happen is to have a Portfolio+ Inc. team dedicated to the care and maintenance of your operational platform. A Technical Services Arrangement can make that happen. It lets both of us focus on what we do best. To explore what a Technical Services Arrangement can do for you, talk to your account representative.


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