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Implementation Services

Why we succeed.

Ask around. Portfolio+ Inc. has a great track record for helping organizations implement banking and financial systems on time and on budget. Our secret? We've learned that you can't just throw money at a problem. It takes leadership, trust, and commitment—from the vendors and the customers.

Align your staff.

With over twenty years in the business you'd think we'd have all the answers. We don't. Every customer implementation is different. And the biggest success factor isn't the technology, it's the people. Your executives, our executives. Your operational staff, our operational staff. Getting these groups to work together around a believable plan is the primary challenge. The budget, the project plan, and the resource allocation all fall into place if we're working as a team.

Our solution. Your vision.

Business goals. Operational requirements. Culture. Budget process. These are some of the factors Portfolio+ Inc. takes into consideration when drafting a proposed solution for you. Do we want to implement in phases or create a single (larger) solution? When will the go-live date be? We'll work with you to answer these questions and take a first pass at proposing a solution. It won't be perfect. And it will need scrutiny from others we bring into the process. But it's where everything starts. If this part of the process is smooth, it bodes well for a successful implementation.

Banking System Software Implementation Roadmap: Image of map with numerous red checkpoints along a road toward a goal of GO LIVE: discovery session, implementation strategy workshop, project timeline/plan, training, conversion, and business process validation. On the road following the big red GO LIVE dot is one more checkpoint that reads post-sales support.

The ISW. Your key to success.

The primary purpose of Portfolio+ Inc.'s Implementation Strategy Workshop (ISW) is to clarify roles, responsibilities, and ownership—for Portfolio+ Inc., your executives, and your operational staff. We need executive sponsors and operational staff from both Portfolio+ Inc. and your organization to come together as a team to navigate a pathway to success. By the end of an Implementation Strategy Workshop, we've built a complete implementation plan, assigned responsibilities, and created contingencies. It's a great feeling. Will this plan change? Yes. We guarantee a surprise or two. Yet, because we created contingencies these surprises will not jeopardize the overall success.

Our project managers are top notch.

Project planning.

All Portfolio+ Inc. project managers follow the best practices outlined by the Project Management Institute, and operate with a charter that is supported by all senior executives at Portfolio+ Inc.. As you can imagine, in any banking software conversion or implementation there are hundreds of functional pieces that must be in place to make it all work. Portfolio+ Inc.'s project manager ensures that we document and track these functional pieces of the solution.

After the Implementation Strategy Workshop, the project manager sets up periodic meetings to track success against the commitments we've made to each other for dates and resources. There will be hurdles. And there may be roadblocks. But these are no surprise for any seasoned project manager. They'll know whether to navigate or escalate.


Your staff will receive training on the specific Portfolio Plus modules that will be used at your organization. But how well will they retain this information? That's up to you. They'll need time for hands-on practice on the preproduction system that Portfolio+ Inc. has installed at your organization. This is a critical success factor. Refresher training, before you put your system into production, can also help ensure success.

One Portfolio+ Inc. customer put its system into production without notifying us. We were surprised—but we were proud, too. It was a testament to our banking software and our training. We admit that most of the credit goes to the customer, however. They were the ones who motivated their staff to spend enough time practicing on a pre-production system to ensure they were comfortable with Portfolio Plus.

Conversions are hard.

Anyone who says banking system conversions are easy have outed themselves as being inexperienced or having questionable integrity. Portfolio+ Inc. has seen some competitors spend years trying to accomplish conversions and then run millions over budget. At Portfolio+ Inc. we like to admit that it will be painful from the start. Our track record suggests this is the correct approach.

We'll walk you through the hard stuff.

Platform choice.

Some customers maintain their own technology platform, believing this is part of their core competence, while other customers outsource everything. Some customers rely heavily on Portfolio+ Inc. for more complex technology processes, while other customers have dedicated staff. At Portfolio+ Inc. what we care most about is operational integrity and disaster recovery planning. If you need help please reach out.

Business Validation.

As your “go live” date approaches, your staff should become increasingly confident with the day to day processes that will be handled on Portfolio Plus. Make it easier for them. Ask Portfolio+ Inc. to come to your premises to sit next to your staff while they are conducting their hands-on practice sessions. These sessions will validate all the preparatory work that has gone before and is the final step that will uncover any final adjustments that might need to be made to ensure a smooth "go live".

After your Launch.

Once your site is in production, it is important that we establish a single line of communication for any issues (training or process related) that arise. Portfolio+ Inc. assigns a single channel of communication that can provide you with support as required. Also, please remember that you have 24 hour coverage for any issue that prevents the system from being used in production.

Your Account Representative.

Every customer of Portfolio+ Inc. is assigned an account representative. Your account representative can help you with more strategic issues and any financial arrangements. They can also help champion any features you'd like to see in future versions of Portfolio Plus.

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