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Retail Banking Software

Software to manage chequing, savings, line-of-credit accounts + core banking integration.

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Faster-to-market retail banking.

Move faster with the right retail banking products. Go to market with accounts for chequing, savings, lines of credit, online banking, ATM and POS access, and more. All with your unique configuration or fee structure. Or maybe you need a scaled down version to start. We understand. We deal with both startups and established institutions. And everything in between. Tell us what you need to get started. And then tell us how you'd like to grow. We'll offer our recommendations to get you to your destination faster.

Choose virtual or traditional retail banking.

Portfolio Plus supports both traditional retail banking, using branches and tellers, and virtual banking. It's your choice. Ask us why Canada's most profitable virtual bank uses Portfolio Plus.

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Offer all-in-one accounts.

If you want to offer sophisticated customers an alternative to monthly or bi-weekly mortgages, you can offer an all-in-one retail credit account that allows them to pay down their debt quickly or access the equity in their house, at competitive rates.

More. As in options.

Start with the functionality you need today to succeed with your chosen market approach. Once you've conquered your chosen niche, then you can offer more products by adding functionality to Portfolio Plus with investments, term deposits, and lending.

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Retail Banking Architecture

Portfolio+ Retail Banking software relies on a sophisticated architecture that can integrate with ATMs, POS, and other 3rd party systems that are required to deliver the full retail banking customer experience.

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Details and Specifications

Retail Banking

Interfaces & SOA

With the Plug-In Banking architecture of Portfolio Plus, you can interface using the following technology:

  • TCP/IP (Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
  • Java Messaging Services (JMS)
  • Enterprise Services Bus (ESB)
  • Financial Services Bus (FSB)
  • IBM WebSphere
  • TIBCO Rendezvous
  • Modern service oriented architectures (SOAs)

Transactions & Processing

Real Time Processing

  • Teller
  • IVR
  • Online banking

Overnight Batch Processing

  • Pre-authorized cheques (PACs)
  • Pre-authorized debits
  • Clearing
  • Post interest
  • Post fees
  • Cheque reconciliation
  • Statement production

Cheque Printing

Cheque Link allows you to print blank cheques for your customers on demand, using custom paper stock.

Audit & Security

The Portfolio Plus Retail Banking Software module includes full audit and security controls, including the following features:

  • Limits on transactional amounts, by employee or by class.
  • Security class employee grouping
  • Audit trails for each transaction by system, user, date, time, and description
  • Password controls
  • Record access level controls
  • Screen access controls

Comprehensive Reporting

Management Reports

  • Trial Balance
  • Dormant Accounts
  • Overdraft Report
  • Fee Summary Reports
  • Stop/Hold Reports
  • Open/Closed Accounts
  • Line of Credit Delinquency
  • Line of Credit Review
  • Account Transactions by Transaction Code
  • Teller Transactions by Entry Date
  • Teller Transactions by Type

Tax & Regulatory Reports

  • T-5 Tax Processing
  • T-5 Supplementary
  • NR4 Tax Processing
  • Quebec Tax Processing
  • Daily Balance Report
  • C.D.I.C. Report

Basic Account Types

  • Chequing accounts with variable fees, tiered interest rates, and overdraft.
  • Savings accounts with variable fees and tiered interest rates.
  • Lines of credit with varying interest rates.

Delivery Options

  • Online banking interface
  • Bank teller
  • ATM banking interface
  • POS banking interface
  • Telephone banking and IVR banking interface
  • Retail and custom XML interfaces

Deposit Processing Options

  • Full account analysis capability
  • Flexible service-charge and fee options
  • Centralized table of rates that can be shared by all products and accounts
  • Maintenance options to update accrual settings for all accounts automatically
  • Overdraft management
  • Fees and interest rates based on consolidated account groups
  • Variable interest accrual and payment methods
  • Storage and tracking of personal and marketing-oriented information
  • Stop and hold tracking
  • Tiered balance fees
  • Combined statements that may include an unlimited amount of accounts
  • Flexible customer-to-account relationships

Teller Functionality

  • Receipt printing
  • Passbook printing
  • Customer account search:
    • Social Security Number or Social Insurance Number
    • Last name, first name
    • Telephone number
    • CIF number
  • Multi-Currency Blotter
  • Stops and holds lookup

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