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Investment Management

Software to create and manage a multitude of investment products.

Take your market share.

If you have a novel marketing approach for a regulated or non-regulated investment product, you've come to the right place. Our investment software has managed the most sophisticated Canadian regulated investments, such as RRIFs, RESPs, RDSPs, RRSPs, and TFSAs. Our software has also managed self-directed mortgages, complex loan investment schemes, and more. If you have something innovative in mind, or need to handle large volumes, we'd love to hear from you.

Move faster with a leader.

We were early to market with investment software to manage highly regulated products like the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) and the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP). Work with a vendor that isn't afraid to get out in front and lead.

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Build a better investment product strategy.

If you want to retain and grow your investment customers, you need to offer them an attractive set of investment products. We can provide you with those products. Within each investment plan, depending on local jurisdictions, you can offer your customers the ability to grow their hard earned capital with partner-mortgages, self-directed mortgages, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash, and deposits.

Help families plan.

When a family wants to take action on their investments you need to be ready or they'll simply go somewhere else. You'll also need to offer more than investments. If it's a sophisticated investor you'll need a mix of loans, self-directed mortgages, lines of credit, term deposits, and more. Portfolio+ has those products.

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Tax and compliance updates. It never stops.

Portfolio+ Inc. provides customers with tax updates based on regulatory changes. These updates are generally offered on a yearly basis. But there are exceptions. Sometimes governments change their mind and we need to offer those updates as required. In any case, we deploy most tax updates on our Advantage website, a secure portal for customers only.

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Electronic government submissions built in.

More often than not, governments are requiring that financial instutions submit their tax information electronically. Portfolio+ can manage the creation of the data you need to submit.

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Investments Architecture

Our investments software is based on a customer-focused design that lets you offer registered and non-registered investment products. And every product a customer owns, including RRSPs, RRIFs, and TFSAs, is tracked in a single Customer Information File (CIF).

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Details and Specifications

Investment Management Software



  • Scheduled and unscheduled payments
  • Various payment frequencies
  • Supports multiple companies
  • Supports multiple jurisdictions
  • Automatically produced T4RRIFs
  • Annual valuation & automatic calculation of plan value
  • Valuation & processing


  • Adjustable term deposits can be set up to pay interest and principal into the RRIF Cash Account automatically. The principal and interest amounts will be adjusted for each pay period based on the outstanding balance.
  • Supports legislative requirements for qualified versus non-qualified plans.
  • Legislative minimums and maximums are built into the setup.
  • January 1st payments can be run on time, in advance of valuation, with the system taking into account the Annual Minimum Payment.
  • The modelling of various scenarios can be run on demand using the built-in modelling function of Portfolio+ investment software.

Payment Processing


  • Pre-authorized debit (PAD)
  • Pre-authorized credit (PAC)
  • Payment by cheque
  • Payment to or from an internal retail account
  • Debits & credits to an internal or external account

Withholding Taxes

The Investments module automatically calculates withholding taxes for you, while giving you the ability to override these during payment processing.

Third Party Integration

The Portfolio+ Investment module accommodates feeds from numerous industry feeds, including these:

  • FundSERV — pricing, settlement, and reconciliation.
  • Canadian Education Savings Grant (CESG) — RESP/FESP's
  • Financial Post Pricing Service — pricing securities

XML Integration

If you have sophisticated infrastructure with legacy systems that cannot be supplanted, you can meet your need with a combination of the Investment XML feature of the Investments module and enterprise middleware from these vendors:

  • Sonic Software
  • BEA
  • IBM

Plug-In Banking

All of the Portfolio+ modules work seamlessly together, independently, and with third parties. This means you don't have to purchase the entire system at once. Purchase what you need, when you need it. Integrating a complete core banking system would require the following Portfolio+ modules:

  • Term Deposits
  • Retail Banking
  • Loans, Leases & Mortgages

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