Success with Portfolio Plus

Getting Your Employees Proficient with Portfolio Plus Banking Software

After you license Portfolio Plus we'll work on implementing your solution and getting your employees proficient in the software. Some of your employees may be intimidated by the breadth of the Portfolio Plus platform. Tell them not to worry. There are a number of ways we help people make the transition to Portfolio Plus. These include:

Portfolio Plus: Ensuring Success

ISW: By the time you license Portfolio Plus you should have already had your Implementation Strategy Workshop. This workshop aims to assign responsibility (for both your people and SIT employees) for various tasks that must be completed before your business switches to the Portfolio Plus platform for its day-to-day business. It's been proven in our business again and again. You don’t just give a vendor the money and expect things to work. It takes a commitment and good planning on the part of both parties. This workshop will be where many of your employees are first exposed to SIT and the standard business practices we recommend for success.

Training: We offer training, customized to your business needs.

Documentation: We offer documentation that is available for you to refer to anytime you want on virtually any device you want (e.g. Apple iPad, Android Tablet, iPhone, etc.). The documentation features a Getting Started section and can be searched using a natural language query.

Refresher Training: We offer refresher training anytime you need it. Why? If a system has been installed for a long time there may be plenty of turnover in your staff and the software itself may have newer functionality that your staff may have missed during an upgrade. Refresher training ensures that your staff has an expert on hand who can answer questions and offer guidance that your staff members may not be able to provide.

Business Process Review: SIT is available to go onsite to do a business process review to determine if you're making the most efficient use of Portfolio Plus.

The Use of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Environments: Virtually every installation of Portfolio Plus has what we refer to as a User Acceptance Testing environment. This is where users can practice the processes they need to complete without fear of making any mistakes to production data. SIT can help you refresh your demo environment with copies (scrubbed and masked using InfoCloak) so your users can practice on fresh data.

Support is only a Phone Call Away

If you have a support question (or even a general question) there are two ways to get help. Either send an email to or phone 905-640-0808 and ask for support.

After Hours Support

If you run into problems after hours and you deem it to be an emergency production issue, please call 416-201-5231 to be put in touch with an answering service (i.e. real people) SIT has engaged to begin escalation procedures to help you with your issue. Also, if you cannot reach SIT during the daytime and perceive that something dramatic has happened (i.e. phone line not working, a disaster, etc.) you should also call 416-201-5231.


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