Managed Services


Focus on your success.

Portfolio+ Inc.’s Managed Services offers your company an opportunity to utilize a team of banking software experts who focus on your success. This team becomes intimate with your business practices, your approach to quality, and your corporate culture. In effect, members of Managed Services become an extension of your organization.

Who should use Managed Services?

Managed Services has the most impact on companies who have aggressive growth targets, sophisticated corporate policies, or unique regulatory burdens.

Build an effective team.

When you use a team of dedicated people who focus on helping you meet your goals, they become increasingly productive over time. The opposite is also true. Your organization learns how to best capitalize on Portfolio+ Inc.’s banking software and expertise. Together, the dedicated team and your organization become more confident in each other and what they can accomplish.

Want to learn more about our Managed Services?

Account Representative

Portfolio+ Inc. assigns an account representative to ensure an ongoing healthy strategic relationship at the senior executive level. This account representative is also responsible for ensuring that services and product purchases are meeting performance goals. There are no fees associated with any services offered by an account representative.

Operations Manager

The operations manager is responsible for tracking all progress on any work performed and provides detailed reports on a monthly basis. This responsibility includes weekly status meetings (over the phone or in person) with your organization. The account representative and operations manager work together to ensure that your organization is meeting performance targets.

Project Manager

One or more project managers are assigned to this group to ensure larger pieces of work are delivered in a timely manner and that any roadblocks within each respective organization are discovered and eliminated. The project manager gets to know your organization’s processes, which ensures ongoing success.


Billions of dollars per year are wasted in the software industry due to faulty specifications and misunderstandings. Managed Services works with you to ensure that business requirements are adequately translated into programming specifications. This process includes joint sessions where your business users may be involved side by side with your information technology staff. This process also includes workflow walkthroughs, on-site visits, custom documentation, and the development of test plans.

Custom Training

Managed Services offers customized training that accounts for unique customer processes or policies. As new functionality gets delivered with new releases of Portfolio Plus, Managed Services has unique insight into the changes that can impact your organization’s business processes and may result in the need for additional training.

Process Review

As your organization grows, it is inevitable that employees undergo turnover or reallocation. As responsibilities are transferred to different employees, inefficiencies are sometimes introduced. If this is suspected, the Managed Services recommends a business process review to ensure that these inefficiencies are remedied.

Customized Testing

If you have specific scenarios that need to be tested because they affect secondary systems, we can perform this testing at Portfolio+ Inc.’s facility or yours. To accomplish this we create additional non-production environments and by using Portfolio+ DataCloak, we ensure that the privacy of data is maintained.

Regulatory Updates

Larger companies often have extra processing requirements and secondary systems that warrant the early delivery of regulatory changes, like taxes. Our Managed Services ensures these code deliveries are made to accommodate any specialized testing or integration.

Testing Environments

For customized testing and performance benchmarking, Managed Services can set up multiple customized environments that are maintained by our technical personnel. This includes the creation and setup of databases, code environments, networking facilities, desktop PCs, virtual machines, and more. And if you have a unique electronic messaging infrastructure, they can also create message emulation environments to ensure specific testing and benchmarking is performed before any code is delivered to you.

Budget visibility & planning.

Working with a dedicated team from Managed Services helps provide budget visibility by transforming the fluctuations of usual I.T. budgeting into a predictable monthly outlay. This approach offers better resource planning and allows Portfolio+ Inc. to offer reduced pricing.

Get started with Managed Services.

  1. First we meet and review the type of team members that we both believe are required to meet your goals, and agree to a monthly billing rate that corresponds to these services.
  2. Portfolio+ Inc. creates the dedicated team that will focus on your needs.
  3. Operationally, we set up a process where all work performed goes through an approval process before any work begins.
  4. Portfolio+ Inc. and your organization monitor the Managed Services team and meet on a quarterly basis to analyze its effectiveness.
  5. Over time, members from your organization and the Managed Services team build intelligence to help with future decision making.

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