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Prospector Software

Software for financial data mining and business intelligence.

Vital signs for your business.

Prospector provides banking professionals the opportunity to intelligently access their data utilizing the Portfolio Plus CompendiumTM for ease of use and a server-based architecture for speed.

If you have specialized data reporting or data mining requirements that surpass the standard reports included with Portfolio Plus, you can use Prospector to fulfill this need. You will be able to harvest your financial and customer relationship information with speed and ease of use.

Introducing Prospector.

Prospector is available to Portfolio Plus users who want to dramatically enhance their custom reporting capabilities. Business intelligence, customer relationship management, data mining, ad hoc queries and summary reports are just a few of the ways you can use Prospector to enhance your business.

Prospector @ Cars on Credit.

Prospector intelligence with Portfolio Plus compendium.

Prospector includes the Portfolio Plus Compendium, which is a layer of abstraction provided so users can more easily understand the data tables that reside within Portfolio Plus and the relationships between those tables. The Portfolio Plus Compendium also enables wizards that can be used by Prospector.

Server based performance for speed.

Information technology professionals and database architects alike will appreciate Prospector’s ability to resolve queries on the server by sending only the query results to the client workstation. This offers a dramatic speed improvement over typical reporting tools.

Wizards for step-by step-report creation.

Prospector offers wizards for ease of use, allowing users to experiment without being intimidated. The wizards allow users to explore the capabilities of Prospector during the report creation process until they’re satisfied with the query data and the presentation format.

Diagram depicting loan software and mortgage software architecture.

Prospector formats and outputs.

Prospector offers numerous output formats including:

  • Tabular
  • Summary or Group Sort
  • Cross Tabular or Matrix
  • Master-Detail
  • Header and footer control, page numbers, total pages, date, time, and horizontal and vertical positioning
  • Output: paper, screen, HTML, flat file, labels, spreadsheet, E-Mail, PDF
  • Interactive screen drill-down

Visual editor & Cyberquery language.

Advanced users can unleash the power of the Cyberquery language available with Prospector. Users can switch between the Cyberquery language interface and the visual editor interface at will, empowering experienced users who are comfortable with the data to type their queries directly instead of using the visual interface.

Intelligent query types.

Prospector allows for the following types of query functionality:

  • Nest conditions
  • Grouping of data on multiple levels
  • Multiple sorting
  • User prompted conditions
  • Average, minimum, maximum, sum, count
  • Calculated fields
  • Intelligent joins (from the Compendium)
  • Percentages
  • Conditions
  • Filters