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Many analysts predicted the demise of the sales channel when web emerged. They were wrong. Today, the dollar volume of financial products sold by brokers, advisors, and agents is stronger than ever. Ironically, the web has made these channels stronger. Are you providing your channels with the tools they need to help them capture more clients? Are you looking to invigorate your channels? Do yourself a favour—provide them access to Portfolio Plus AgentWeb so they can effectively sell more effectively.

Billions through channels.

We didn't bolt on agent and broker functionality. We went deep. We rearchitected the entire system over a decade ago. And we're very happy with the result. Our customers are originating billions a year in agent, broker, and advisor business today. Now, with AgentWeb, you can provide your indirect channels with web access to your products so they can originate and sell these products by themselves.

Build better relationships.

Spend more time on business development with your agents and brokers by reducing service issues. With Portfolio Plus AgentWeb your agents and brokers will know the status of their book of business at any time allowing you to spend more time developing agent business.

For captive agents too.

AgentWeb also benefits internal and captive agents. You can deploy a limited feature set of a banking system, securely, over the internet to your captive agents. This allows you to deploy unique and specialized functionality to your agents on virtually any device that supports web access. They don't need the entire financial system — they just need the specific tools to make their job easier. Simpler is better.

Diagram showing financial prodcuts and sales channels.

AgentWeb Choices

Retail Banking.

With AgentWeb Retail you have the power to allow captive or third party advisors to manage retail accounts for their clients. AgentWeb can help you attract advisors who cater to high wealth clients, providing you an opportunity to further leverage this channel to sell other financial products.

Term Deposits & Investments.

AgentWeb Term Deposits or AgentWeb Investments allow you to enable advisors access to your financial products. These advisors can easily apply for, sell, and renew financial products from your institution. If you're looking for a way to make your investment and term deposit products easier to manage for brokers, AgentWeb is it.

Loans, Leases & Mortgages.

Mortgage brokers and other types of lending brokers want to be able to apply for and renew loan and mortgage products easily. AgentWeb makes that easy to do. Brokers can also sign onto the system to determine when their various mortgage or loan products are renewing.

Embrace your sales channels.

With Portfolio Plus AgentWeb you're not only offering your channels the tools they need to make it easier to do business, you're also extending your brand into their daily lives. With AgentWeb you have complete control of your branding and graphical aesthetic. When you deploy AgentWeb you choose the logos, page colours, fonts, line spacing, and more. AgentWeb uses the power of cascading style sheets to make it easy to manage and change your design as required.


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