Get better branding and compliance.

With Office Link document automation software you're in control of the format of your correspondence and notifications. If you want to change the way a financial document looks, you can. Perhaps there is a new regulatory disclosure you have to add, or a new product you want to announce. In either case, Office Link can accommodate your need in minutes. How creative you want to be is up to you.

Tap into the power of automated documents.

Office Link combines customer and financial data from Portfolio Plus with the technology of Microsoft Word to produce documents on either an ad hoc basis or in batches. Office Link allows you to create your own templates with complete control over fonts, layout, colours and graphics, or use one of the existing templates included with Office Link. Creating an Office Link template is as easy as creating a Microsoft Word mail merge document.

Includes over 100 Templates.

Portfolio Plus is delivered with over 100 generic templates you can use or customize.

Here is a sample of the types of templates included with Office Link:

  • Letters of Commitment
  • Lawyers Instructions
  • Welcome Letters
  • Year end statements
  • Discharge Letters
  • NSF Letters and Notices
  • Maturity Notifications
  • Term Deposit Certificate
  • SIN/BIN Requests
  • Renewal Offers & Confirmations
  • Insurance Requests
  • Loan Statements
  • Assumption Statements
  • Tax Reminders
  • Loan Agreements
  • Line of Credit Agreements
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • And many more
woman holding correspondence generating by banking or financial application.

Office Link Architecture

Office Link is installed on a separate server for optimal performance of document generation. Data from the Portfolio Plus server is transmitted across the network to the Office Link server, which then sends the documents to a printer, file, or email. Documents can also be printed while you're meeting with customers.

Diagram depicting how office link is used to print banking correspondence using Microsoft Word templates.

Office Link integrates with what you have.

All the core modules of Portfolio Plus have the ability to interface to Office Link for the production of documents. The Plug-In Banking architecture of Portfolio Plus ensures that Office Link can be configured when you first install Portfolio Plus or at a later date.