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Portfolio+ Inc.'s success in the trust company market is undisputed. Our customers have been so successful that a few of them are now chartered banks. We believe we've been successful because of the close partnership we've formed that help align our product development and services to the products and services they need to succeed. The only way this success is achieved is by offering competitive term deposits, loans, and mortgages. A few of them are now adding retail functionality as well.

Adaptability is job one.

Portfolio+ technology, software, and professional services offer trust companies a solution that can grow with them over time.

Featuring an open banking platform, Portfolio+ has modules for loans, mortgages, term deposits, investments (including RRSP's and RESP's), retail banking, online banking, banking correspondence, and data mining.

Compliance. A success story.

The Canadian government and its associated regulatory bodies are the most respected compliance organizations in the world. A few years ago, when the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) outlined rigorous requirements for something they referred to as Fast Insurance Determination (FID), they offered financial institutions an incentive. In some cases this incentive amounted to millions. Every single customer that wanted to make that deadline made it on time using Portfolio+. Was it hard for us? You bet. But we did it. And more importantly our customers did too.

Let's talk.

There are a number of trust companies in Canada that have had tremendous success using Portfolio Plus. We'd be glad to share some of those stories with you. So give us a call. Share your vision with us. Tell us the difference you'd like to make in the market you serve, and we'll show you how Portfolio+ can get you there.

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