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SIT Culture

When sizing up a company it's nice to get a feeling for the culture. At SIT we believe we've grown a culture that enables professionalism yet is able to dress itself down and enjoy life at the same time. After all, we work in a very demanding financial industry and have to take care of our health and overall wellbeing to ensure long term success for ourselves, SIT, and our clients.

Town Hall Meeting (every Friday)

As a company grows it often becomes more difficult to ensure that everybody knows what's going on. Technologies like email, intranets, and wikis help corporate communication—but at SIT we believe that nothing replaces good old fashioned face to face meetings—so that's what we do. Every Friday there is a "town hall meeting" where executives provide updates and employees are free to ask questions. More often than not somebody will also have a funny story or a joke to share.

Does the company you work for hold a "town hall meeting" every week? Some of our peers in the industry believe a meeting of this type is an expensive undertaking. At SIT we believe it is more expensive not to have the meeting. After all, our industry can be a complex one. Face to face meetings help reduce that complexity and help lead to the occassional breakthrough in understanding. That's priceless. The entire company (and our customers) benefit when this happens.

Casual Fridays

Our normal attire is “business casual” but on Fridays we put a donation in the jar if we want to come to work in jeans. (The donations get put to good use at Christmas when we support a local family in need.) We’ve also been known to dress “up” when the occasion calls for it – like Halloween!

Employee Recognition

It’s always nice to be appreciated. It’s even nicer when that appreciation comes in the form of a trophy and an evening out. Twice a year SIT names its MVP, presents tenure pins (tenure at SIT equals diamonds), and distributes sales sharing cheques.

Pre-Christmas Pot Luck

If you're on a diet you really don't want to attend this delicious festivity. Mmmm mmm. Our multicultural environment coupled with some great recipes, make this a most memorable event. Everybody makes (or buys) something.

Free Coffee

There's almost always a pot of decaff and caffeinated coffee on the go. You have to pitch in, though. If you see the pot is getting low it is up to you to make another.

(Almost) Free Soda

An employee or two at SIT goes out on a bi-weekly basis to purchase a few hundred cans of pop that is paid for by SIT. When taking a pop from the fridge we want you to donate a quarter in the can on top of the fridge. This money is used, along with the "casual Friday" collection, to support a few families at Christmas.

Stouffville Theatre Company

SIT was a startup founder of Stouffville Theatre Company and believes the arts are an important part of any community.

Kids Christmas Party

There's nothing like the look on a child's face staring in awe at Santa Claus and his overflowing sack of presents. SIT's annual children's Christmas party is a family event you and your little ones will look forward to year after year. Santa's elves, toys, gifts, and a large assortment of baked treats are sure to get you into the holiday spirit!

“"My daughter looked at me, looked at Santa, and back at me again exclaiming: Oh my goodness, Santa is real!””

Christmas Dinner and Party

SIT provides for dinner and drinks at this annual event where spouses are invited. This year we have a choice of prime rib, salmon, or turkey. Mmmm. After dinner there are a few short speeches, then we hand out awards and anniversary pins. Then there's a dance. Young or old we're sure there's a tune for you in our song list.


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