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System Monitoring

Software for monitoring financial software platforms & systems.

System monitoring. Your way.

Portfolio Plus Sentinel can monitor hundreds of vital signs associated with your banking system’s health and notify you immediately if there is a problem. Virtually any aspect of your system can be monitored. This includes software performance, database properties, operating system resources, and more. Upon installation, SIT works with you to create your own unique monitoring profile and notification process.

Introducing Portfolio Plus Sentinel.

SIT supplies and supports the hardware and software required for each implementation. Customers pay a monthly or yearly fee for the appropriate service level and any software customizations required.

Visualize your Performance and Capacity.

Sentinel provides a visual interface that allows you to input your own custom warning parameters, in addition to providing important visual feedback that can help predict performance or resource bottlenecks.

Who Gets Called and When?

SIT works with you to define your own unique service level. You can decide whether SIT gets the first call, or whether your staff does. This service level can be revised over time as your needs change. The service provided by Portfolio Plus Sentinel is backed by SIT’s existing 24 hour a day, seven days a week support for priority one production issues.

Monitor Almost Anything, 24x7

The primary purpose for developing Portfolio Plus Sentinel was to ensure enterprise-level monitoring support and enhanced service levels for Portfolio Plus, Progress OpenEdge, and Sonic Software. Yet Sentinel can do so much more. Sentinel can be configured to monitor other enterprise applications and hardware such as Microsoft Exchange, Apache Web Servers, and any router or network device that supports SNMP. The monitoring options and support options available for Portfolio Plus Sentinel are created especially for you.

Collect, Alert, Visualize

Portfolio Plus Sentinel server records and monitors activity continually, and can present this data in real time or historically. Crucial alerts are sent using SMTP routing instructions you provide.

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