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Too often, with the purchase and installation of banking systems, debt recovery is last on the list of targeted features. Why? Perhaps it is our overly-optimistic human condition. Perhaps the subject makes most banking people uncomfortable. Seasoned executives know differently, however.

Debt recovery is a critical feature for any financial institution that offers loans.

XRS: Cash is King

In banking, cashflow is critical. It is common that when you have a customer in arrears this customer is also being contacted by other organizations. You need your needs to come first. And you can achieve this by ensuring that you have adequate debt recovery processes. XRS will help you attain this goal.

XRS: Debt Collection Goals

There are a number of approaches XRS recommends to ensure maximum debt collection.

  • Early Intervention
  • Get More Intimate with your Customer
  • Have Real Time Reporting Capability
  • Have Proper Escalation Procedures
  • Manage Workload Adequately
  • Ensure Your Debt Collection Personnel are Informed
  • Minimize Delays in your Escalation Procedures

Interested in XRS Debt Collection?

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