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Despite its late start in 1958, the Irish Credit Union movement has been tremendously successful with 50% of the country's population relying on credit unions to manage their personal finances.

The Credit Union Movement in Ireland

The credit union movement has been a powerful force in Ireland’s financial history.

Over fifty percent of Ireland's population (of 6 million people) are members of a credit union. The total asset base of credit unions in Ireland is over $12.6 billion. In addition, there are over 9,200 active volunteers involved in the credit union movement, and over 3,500 people employed. Virtually all credit unions in Ireland belong to the Irish League of Credit Unions, which represents over 530 credit unions.

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Turning our Attention to Irish Credit Unions

At Strategic Information Technology, our Portfolio Plus banking system has proven to be very successful in Canada. Now, we're casting our gaze on the green shores of Ireland as the next country of focus from a marketing and development perspective. With the signing of Bishopstown Credit Union as our first Irish credit union customer, SIT hopes to make significant inroads in Ireland over the next few years.

A Complete Solution for Irish Credit Unions

Portfolio Plus offers a complete retail credit union solution and has rich functionality that includes loans, mortgages, term deposits, investments, retail banking, point-of-sale (POS), ATM, web banking, accounting, and more.

The entire system is user definablemeaning that a credit union can create its own unique products and fee structures.

Have a look at our software products that can be used by Irish Credit Unions to get a complete sense of what SIT does.


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