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Software for managing government lending and subsidies.

Offer government lending.

The Internet, the Marshall Plan, and Mohammed Yunnus, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2006, are shining examples of how government funding can advance society overall.

Virtually all governments use funding or loans in an attempt to advance the livelihood of their citizens or, in some cases, other countries. One of the keys to tracking the success or failure of these initiatives is accountability. That's where a banking system like Portfolio Plus can help. When Mohammed Yunnus was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize it was largely because people knew specific facts about his microloan program and how its success was indisputable. Without a system to track the specifics, Mohammed would never have been able to promote his program to the size it is today (in the billions) or be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. It is hard to promote a new anti-poverty measure without having hard data to prove it. Mohammed had hard data. Now, thanks to his success and careful tracking, many other governments and agencies are looking at microloans as a way to help reduce poverty.

In addition to being a solid banking system in its own right, Portfolio Plus, from Strategic Information Technology (SIT) Ltd., can help you track the data you and your stakeholders require.

Report results in real time.

It is typical that each development loan or subsidy program often has specific items that need to be tracked over time to help provide sufficient data. This data, over time, can then be used to help optimize the program. Also, reports can be provided to stakeholders and other funding agencies if necessary.

The challenge, for many traditional banking systems, is to track data that is typically outside the scope of a banking system. As an example, for certain government or agency programs, data like race and/or religion may need to be tracked. Other data that may be needed include aboriginal status, educational background, marital status, number of children in the household, mother tongue, and more.

Portfolio Plus can be used to help fund or provide loans for:

  • Agricultural development (e.g. livestock and plants)
  • Electrical development (e.g. dams and transmission)
  • Clean water (e.g. sanitation, wells and distribution)
  • Scientific development (e.g. fundamental research and technology research)
  • Medical research (e.g. disease research)
  • Housing development (e.g. low cost loans to builders and aboriginal councils)
  • Entrepreneur and Business Development (e.g. business loans and startup funding)

It is our experience that each government or development program has its own special needs and specifications. If you care to talk about your program please contact us.

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