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FundSERV Software

PortfolioPlus FundSERV interface.

Portfolio Plus and FundSERV.

The strengths of mutual funds have never been clearer or more relevant to investors as a way to build and protect wealth. Since 1993, FundSERV has provided an electronic investment fund transaction processing system that enables issuers, distributors, and vendors alike to place, reconcile, and net settle mutual fund orders. Portfolio Plus integrates with FundSERV via the Investment Management system, enabling you to post transactions, perform transaction settlements, update security pricing, and automatically create new securities.

Investment fund manufacturers.

Do you offer managed mutual fund products to your clients and brokers? Portfolio Plus lets you create, maintain, and send your products directly to the FundSERV network.

Investment fund intermediaries.

Do you offer investment management services to your clients? As a trustee, Portfolio Plus interfaces with FundSERV and enables you to maintain transaction history, settlement records, and receive up to date pricing information.

Real-time integration

Portfolio Plus integrates with FundSERV via the Portfolio Plus Universal Gateway. This gateway enables the system to interface with external systems, devices, or applications in real time, ensuring the most up to date financial information is being provided.

Diagram depicting fundSERV's integration with the Portfolio Plus banking software platform.

Investment fund manufacturers overview.

Portfolio Plus’s integration with FundSERV enables you to offer your mutual fund products to distributors in the marketplace on a ‘nominee name’ basis.

Selling Mutual Funds.

Mutual fund details are entered directly into Portfolio Plus which transmits the required information to be posted on the FundSERV network. Once posted, all licensed distributors using FundSERV can place orders for your mutual fund products.

Mutual Fund Orders.

Mutual fund orders are completed via brokers, dealers, and agents directly within FundSERV. FundSERV then forwards the transactional information, settlement information, and pricing information to you, the intermediary, through the Portfolio Plus Investment Management system.


Receiving Orders.

Orders are received by Portfolio Plus through FundSERV’s Transaction Forwarding System (TFS) as uncommitted trades. Each day these trades can be reviewed, settled, and verified using the Uncommitted Trades report within Portfolio Plus.

Portfolio Plus integrates with FundSERV enabling you to manage:

  • Initial mutual fund setup
  • Mutual fund prices
  • Transaction reconciliation
  • Settlement instructions
  • Account reconciliation
  • Month-end reconciliation
  • Sales commissions
  • Service fees
  • Fund purchase requests
  • Fund purchase cancellations

Portfolio Plus can also receive and post non-financial updates such as changes to agent, dealer, or beneficial owner information.


Investment Fund Intermediaries Overview.

Portfolio Plus enables you to manage your mutual fund product offerings that are available on the FundSERV network.

Background Processing.

Portfolio Plus seamlessly interfaces with FundSERV in the background to enable you to maintain your client investment information and transactions.

Create powerful FundSERV reports.

Portfolio Plus produces reports from FundSERV data and includes FundSERV Record Types and Settlement Source Codes, enabling you to track and manage transactional information including:

  • Daily Accrual Rate
  • Capital Gain Distribution
  • Cash Distribution Settlement Summary
  • Confirmation
  • Wire Order Contract
  • Distribution Rate
  • Income Distribution
  • Fund Price
  • Ex-Dividend Price
  • Service Fee Settlement Summary
  • Mutual Funds
  • Systematic Withdrawal Plan Payment
  • Current Yield