Equitable Trust Upgrade

Equitable Trust Upgrades to Portfolio Plus 2008

Toronto, Canada – June 23, 2008: Portfolio+ Inc. is pleased to announce that Equitable Trust has completed their upgrade to Portfolio Plus 2008.

“Our upgrade to Portfolio Plus 2008 will help us improve our customer service and our business efficiency,” said Andrew Moor, President and Chief Executive Officer of Equitable Trust. “Portfolio+ Inc. provided great support during this upgrade process and we will be counting on them to continue this support as we aim to make our operations more effective.”

“Equitable Trust was Portfolio+ Inc.’s first business partner to use Portfolio Plus, then called Strategy/PM, in 1994,” said G. Robert Leeming, President of Portfolio+ Inc. “From the beginning, we’ve had a solid partnership based on mutual success and trust. It doesn’t get any better than that. In addition, Equitable Trust has continually shared their future strategies with us. This helps ensure that Portfolio Plus is ready to support their continued market advancements.”

About Equitable Trust

Equitable Trust provides mortgage financing to purchasers of properties primarily located in south-western Ontario with focus on the greater Toronto area and surrounding commuter regions. Equitable Trust’s principal business is residential first mortgage financing to owners of single family dwellings and multi-unit residential buildings. Equitable Trust is an alternative lender to borrowers who are unable to satisfy the strict underwriting criteria of conventional bank mortgage lenders. Equitable Trust also provides mortgage financing for commercial properties on a selective basis.

Equitable Trust Residential Mortgage Financing

Equitable Trust's principal business is in providing residential first mortgage financing. In addition, Equitable Trust also provides first mortgage financing on a variety of commercial (non-residential) properties.

Equitable Trust Deposit Taking

Equitable Trust is a federally regulated financial institution and is authorized to accept deposits from the public. Equitable Trust accepts deposits by issuing Guaranteed Investment Certificates (“GICs”) and pays interest on deposits held.

Equitable Trust Mortgage-Backed Securities

Equitable Trust funds Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation ("CMHC") insured mortgages originated through our brokerage partnerships across Canada and securitize these mortgages under a national program (the "CMHC-MBS Program") approved under the National Housing Act (the "NHA").

Equitable Trust is a federally regulated financial institution that has been incorporated since 1970.

About Portfolio+ Inc.

Portfolio+ Inc. connects financial institutions with customers and partners using innovative technologies. Its software solutions and open banking technology are used by financial institutions in Canada, Ireland, and the UK. With its powerful +Open Banking Platform and fully documented APIs, Portfolio+ has the power to connect banks, credit unions, and financial institutions with an evolving ecosystem of financial services technology that is putting everyday customers in control of their financial data.

Located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Portfolio+ is used by 6 of the 7 largest financial institutions in Canada and is a part of Volaris Group Inc.


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