DataCloak Software

Software to cloak private & sensitive information.

When you duplicate data,
you duplicate risk.

Using customer data for testing and development purposes, without cloaking that data, is a bad practice. You’re responsible for safeguarding that data from hackers and for meeting increasingly aggressive privacy compliance regulations. Sharing test data with third parties further increases this risk.

DataCloak provides you an effective way of transforming data so it is usable for testing, development, and with third parties, so you can minimize the risk of exposing any private information.

It's 3x faster than before.

DataCloak was designed to work at the database level. This is an important detail. Because your private information never leaves the database, it never gets exposed to testers, developers, or other systems. It ensures your data is secure. And since that data is cloaked on the spot, it’s fast. In fact, it’s over 300% faster than its predecessor.

Sprinters with facial features censored.
Young man at a laptop using financial data privacy software.

Good morning, data.

DataCloak is designed to be easily automated. You can incorporate DataCloak into a nightly automated process so your customer production data can be transformed and cloaked every night, after your backups are complete. The only time you need to consult with Portfolio+ Inc. is when you decide you want to change the fields that need to be cloaked.

Cloaking methods.

DataCloak handles private data. But some private data is based on a predetermined format, and your software relies on that. A 9-digit social insurance number. A 10-digit phone number. Alphanumeric address fields. With its integrated cloaking methods, DataCloak identifies each data type before generating its cloaked substitute.

DataCloak supports a number of formatted data types, including SIN numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses.

When it’s this easy, you’ll do it more.

Creating cloaked data is the last thing that should take up a lot of time and resources. It’s one reason many companies avoid cloaking private data altogether. Ignoring the risk is careless. But it can be hard to justify the resources.

With DataCloak, scrambling data is as easy as starting a program. You'll minimize lost time and resources. And it’s likely you’ll do it more often—a habit that’ll ensure your private data isn’t floating around in development environments.


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