Cyberscience (SIT Partner)


Cyberscience and Cyberquery

Cyberscience has been a partner of Strategic Information Technology since 2003 and its product, Cyberquery, is embedded into Portfolio Plus Prospector. Cyberquery provides a high-performance reporting platform upon which the Portfolio Plus Prospector product is based.

Portfolio Plus Prospector is designed to provide freedom to those who want to write custom reports using data contained within the Portfolio Plus banking software application. It is important to note that Portfolio Plus Prospector adds significant value to the Cyberscience technology in the form of the Portfolio Plus compendium, which is a repository of metadata information that provides a layer of easy-to-understand data descriptors and data relationships. SIT maintains this compendium as new Portfolio Plus functionality is added.

The Portfolio Plus Prospector product is ideal for data mining and business/banking intelligence reporting.


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