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Credit Union Software

Core software for credit unions.

Better software for your members.

Credit union members want it all. They want all the services that a bank provides, but at a lower cost. They want more personal service too. Not easy. Yet our credit union customers are overcoming these challenges. They're continuing to grow and deliver better services. Give us a call to find out why.

Choose a vendor with an awesome compliance track record.

Our track record for compliance is superb. We've met or exceeded our customers expectations everywhere. Not many vendors can say that. While many vendors complain about compliance, we don't. We consider it part of our competitive edge.

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Man up at front of classroom talking about banking software.

2008 was a great test. Our customers adapted.

The liquidity crisis of 2008/2009 brought many institutions to their knees. Some didn’t make it. Others survived but were on life support for years. We’re happy to say that our credit union customers not only survived, but many of them got stronger. They took market share. Our credit union software platform, Portfolio Plus, adapted. So when the market changed, our customers could change too. Our customers also stayed compliant against the tough challenges that the Canadian and European regulators brought forth.

Nobody said it would be easy.

Nobody said that creating substantial growth of credit union members would be easy. But we've worked with visionaries who saw a different approach. Who saw a way to leapfrog the competition. If you have a unique approach or idea, then let's talk. After all, Canada's most profitable virtual bank was once just a vision. And we helped them fulfill that vision.

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