Portfolio+ Inc. Announces Support for New CANNEX Initiatives

Toronto, Canada – September 13, 2006: Portfolio+ Inc. is pleased to announce support for upcoming CANNEX functionality.

“This new CANNEX functionality will enable the automation of early redemptions of cashable GICs , the re-registration and transfer of GICs, as well as month position reconciliation”, says G. Robert Leeming, president of Portfolio+ Inc. “These enhancements will dramatically increase the throughput of Term Deposit, GIA, and GIC business for high volume brokers, dealers, and financial institutions.”

The CANNEX Financial Network (CFN) facilitates the purchase of GICs, Term Deposits and GIAs electronically, with 30 participating financial institutions. Portfolio Plus first introduced CANNEX functionality in 1998 and has continued to incorporate new functionality as it has become available.

“Portfolio+ Inc. has been an ardent supporter of CANNEX efforts to automate the processing of GIC and Term applications. We appreciate their continued innovation and input into the development of new CANNEX features”, said Alex Melvin, Co-Founder and President of CANNEX. “We expect these features to be available before the end of 2006.”


CANNEX Financial Exchanges Limited is a privately held Canadian company that has provided data and information services to the financial services industries in Canada since 1983, Australia since 1992, the United States since 1996 and New Zealand since 2003.

CANNEX is an independent third party and is not licensed to sell financial products. None of its shareholders, directors or employees are licensed to sell financial products.

No financial institution or broker/agent organization owns or controls any shares of CANNEX.

For more information please contact Alex Melvin at 416 926 0882 or email Alex at alex@cannex.com

About Portfolio+ Inc.

Portfolio+ Inc. connects financial institutions with customers and partners using innovative technologies. Its software solutions and open banking technology are used by financial institutions in Canada, Ireland, and the UK. With its powerful +Open Banking Platform and fully documented APIs, Portfolio+ has the power to connect banks, credit unions, and financial institutions with an evolving ecosystem of financial services technology that is putting everyday customers in control of their financial data.

Located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Portfolio+ is used by 6 of the 7 largest financial institutions in Canada and is a part of Volaris Group Inc.


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