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Banking Software

Core software for financial institutions.

Banking software designed to adapt.

When it comes to banking software, one size does not fit all. Every bank has its own approach. Our most successful banks are visionaries. They've taken a unique approach to the market and have leveraged Portfolio+ banking software to be successful. They've also adapted to the realities and pressures of the markets they serve, and without that adaptability they would not continue to be successful. Portfolio+ banking software and technology provides a foundation and environment in which it is easy for banks to adapt. Just ask our customers.

Engineer profit and growth.

Banking software decisions are strategic. So vet our architecture. Vet our customers. They thrived during the financial crisis. They adapted. Canada's most profitable virtual bank is a customer. So is Canada's largest bank. We believe banking success can be engineered. Give us a call if you think so too.

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It takes more than banking software to make our customers successful. It's know-how, market-knowledge, business model alignment, and more. At Portfolio+ Inc. we offer you the ability to add to your team for strategic projects. You can engage a team of our dedicated resources, if necessary, to help you go where you need to go. Perhaps you need to build a completely new line of business but lack the experience. Or maybe you lack technical resources to integrate your digital strategy. Whatever the case we have resources that can help.

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